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Roll container cover

A roll container cover ensures that you can transport and store goods in a roll container. This roll container cover is practical to use and closes with a zipper and / or Velcro. Roll container cover is functionally in use and can easily be used several times. Roll container covers can also be printed, for example, you can have your own logo or a customer's logo printed in colour. A beautifully finished roll container cover is good advertising and of course ensures a neat and well-kept appearance.

Roll container cover can be made of nylon, PP non-woven or Oxford as customized(your need). Nylon is a synthetic fabric with different good characteristics. It is low in weight and very strong at the same time. The second type of material is PP non-woven, which is made from PP (Polypropylene). Non-woven is a soft but strong material that feels like a stiff fabric. It is water-repellent, dust-free and breathable. The last material type is Oxford, a sturdy, durable and waterproof material.

Roll Container covers with middle closures are manufactured with a certain insulation material which have a certain insulation quality. The higher or thicker the insulation quality, the longer the time of temperature preservation or the slower the speed of temperature change of the products inside the thermal cover. Next to the insulation quality of the thermal cover with folding door, the stability or deviation speed of the temperature of the product is also depending on the presents of open thermal door on the thermal cover and packaging set-up. Open thermal door are locations in the design or set-up of the thermal cover where an external convection flow can exist which has a very big impact on the speed of temperature change. When conditioned or time-temperature sensitive products are protected from external temperature influences with a passive cooling systems such as thermal covers with middle closure systems, the goal is to purely use the available thermal energy of the products to maintain and stabilize the temperature of the products as long as possible.

The roll container covers provide standard consistent temperature in both cold and hot environments. They are completely collapsible for easy return and feature heavy duty vinyl skins which are designed to stay clean due to their slick surface. The thermal cover encloses your perishable contents with a curtain of cold. The thick pallet cover helps maintain a consistent temperature for your good during transportation and storage. In winter, the thermal covers work to trap the warmth so the product temperature remains stable and above freezing for longer periods of time. These insulated covers are also ideal for mixed shipments and less than truckload carriers. When only a few pallets need temperature protection, these covers are the ideal solution.


Why Choose Roll Container Covers ?

The cover may stop 90% of radiant heat that can threaten product quality or package contents.

Performs as well as or better than EPS foam and other types of insulation typically used to ship temperature-sensitive items.

Delivers savings due to reduced shipping costs, materials and warehouse storage space.

The covers are space-efficient, less bulky and environmentally friendly.

Clean, streamlined design makes your shipped products stand out from the crowd.

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