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Advantages of IBC

Intermediate bulk containers are DOT/UN approved containers designed for the reusable handling of hazardous, non-hazardous, and food grade bulk liquids, solids, granulated goods, and semi solids. These containers are known commonly as IBC tanks, IBC totes, and simply as IBC. Certain IBC models are also ideal for blending, distilling, fermentation, and storage applications.

Time and money can be saved through reusing IBC containers for specific applications, potentially replacing large quantities of drums. One IBC can potentially make hundreds of successful trips. These qualities contribute to reduced physical waste and disposal costs. IBC are recyclable, reducing environmental impact at service life end.

IBC ensure cargo security due to their robust design and manufacture. They safeguard internal payloads against potentially damaging external conditions such as water, air, heat, dust, and other general pollutants. Food grade products can maintain hygiene standards. Sensitive chemicals and materials can be safely transported without experiencing corrosion or degradation. Intermediate bulk containers are capable of withstanding various elements including human handling, machine handling, rain, wind, dust, and sea salt corrosion.

Intermediate bulk containers possess various characteristics that contribute to their usefulness across industries and applications. IBC provide a consistent cargo packaging that is manufactured and specified to federal regulations and current industry technology. All except caged polyethylene IBC are designed to be extensively reused. Most IBC are highly reusable and have long service lives, making them very cost effective assets.

Intermediate bulk containers provide numerous benefits to suppliers, distributors, end users, wholesalers, and transporters. They have many characteristics that make their use beneficial to company economics and logistics. IBC are well suited for industries and companies that are dependent on the secure packaging and arrival of their product. Products can be effectively moved through long, complex supply chains and can be safely and easily warehoused. Long term storage and transport can be accomplished without neither the cargo freight nor the IBC depreciating in quality and quantity standards.

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