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Customized roll cage covers , an excellent choice for your roll cage

Whether it’s rubbish, laundry, food or storage–we have all got something that needs covering up. Try one of our covers – any size or shape, we’ll make it. Alternative cage covers can be used for a variety of roll cage transportation needs to ensure that the contents are delivered safely. The covers keep the contents dust and airborne contaminant free. You can have your own logo printed on the covers to provide an extra bit of brand boosting.

Besides, we use PVC which is an environmental friendly material that can easily be cleaned and sanitized for the safety and protection of all goods needing storage and transport in hospitals. Unlimited use and ease of placement make our cage covers a more attractive and economical choice over shrink-wrap. They are custom made for a perfect fit.

The more important point is that the temperature within the cover does not change, regardless of exterior temperature. These covers are resistant to rips and tears and very easy and lightweight to work with. They are also water resistant. All our alternative cage covers are made from the best quality PVC that is machine-washable, re-usable, vinyl-coated and waterproof. Our secure covers are the ultimate protection against theft. The roll cage is completely covered to prevent access .

In addition, Our covers have reinforced corners to prevent tears and splits.Since our cage covers are infinitely reusable and easy to use, moving stock to and from will be far easier.

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