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liner bag-different packaging solution we provide for the fruit and vegetable processing industry.

Joinwell, offering a wide variety of bags and liners for Bag-In-Box applications. Especially for the fruit and vegetable processing industry (tomatoes, citrus fruits, etc.). These are packaging solutions adapted to the storage and transport of liquid food products – juices, concentrates and pulps – that generally require packages to maintain maximum freshness and long shelf life.

Our Bag In Box packaging is made from high quality materials e.g. LLDPE, NYLON, Metalised barrier and Aluminum Foil barrier. Our machine is highly automated with computer quality control data system and highly skill operators. We are also able to supply different fitments or spouts to suit customers demand. Our key industry for Bag in box is sauces, liquid eggs, chocolates, mayo , syrup, fruit juices, wine, etc. We can make bag in box from 2 litre upto 1000 litre and even customs made sizes for customer’s requirements.

Liner bags can transform any container into a suitable means of transportation for dry bulk products. Protect and safeguard the integrity of transported products, reducing logistical costs and environmental impact. It is a clean, safe and effective packaging solution that transforms containers into reliable and cost effective alternatives to tank containers, ensuring the lowest logistical costs and reducing environmental impact. It can protect goods from external agents and contaminations; reduce total handling costs; easy and fast to install – load – discharge – dispose; maximize container payload.

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