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About IBC Container

IBCs are used for liquids and particulates (i.e. powders, granulates, resins), products that later will undergo filling into smaller packaging or will be an ingredient or component in a production or manufacturing process. Within such industries as food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household chemicals, packaging professionals devote themselves to the design and development of…

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Laundry liners / covers

Roll cage covers are designed to secure goods in transit, reducing damaged goods in many environments, such as food distribution, hospitals or schools. Available in a wide range of material and colors. Trolley covers are mainly used for the transport of clean laundry in trolley or roll containers and secured on the outside. For trolley…

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Customized roll cage covers , an excellent choice for your roll cage

Whether it’s rubbish, laundry, food or storage–we have all got something that needs covering up. Try one of our covers – any size or shape, we’ll make it. Alternative cage covers can be used for a variety of roll cage transportation needs to ensure that the contents are delivered safely. The covers keep the contents dust and airborne…

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More sustainable and hygienic packaging for bulk delivery of your liquids

Our Liquid Liner bags flexible packaging offering provides many practical benefits for manufacturers, retailers and end users. Why use our Liquid Liner bags? Airtight filling eliminates possible contamination problems No pre-cleaning needed as the bags are supplied flat No air ingress eliminates skinning and aids easy pump discharge Eliminates expensive and problem-causing waste cleaning Space…

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Advantages of IBC

Intermediate bulk containers are DOT/UN approved containers designed for the reusable handling of hazardous, non-hazardous, and food grade bulk liquids, solids, granulated goods, and semi solids. These containers are known commonly as IBC tanks, IBC totes, and simply as IBC. Certain IBC models are also ideal for blending, distilling, fermentation, and storage applications. Time and…

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Metal Box

Metal storage boxes are a great asset and investment when it comes to storing heavier items for long periods of time. They are great for use in outdoor or indoor setup applications, and can help to protect your stock from damage. It’s important to make an informed decision for your business needs. There are many…

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Stainless Steel IBC ( tote bin)

Stainless Steel IBCs consist of a frame in which a cubical container is enclosed. They can be used for Transport and Storage of liquid and granulate substances (e.g. chemicals, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals). These IBCs have a volume range that is situated between 500L and 1200L (therefore “intermediate“). The IBCs give a particularly good utilisation of…

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Roll container cover

A roll container cover ensures that you can transport and store goods in a roll container. This roll container cover is practical to use and closes with a zipper and / or Velcro. Roll container cover is functionally in use and can easily be used several times. Roll container covers can also be printed, for example, you can…

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