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IF 1040 Plastic IBC











Description & Specs

Capacity  1040 L
Dimensions External (mm) 1200 mm(L)x 1000 mm(W)x 1130 mm(H)
Internal Dimension 1130*930*985 mm
folded Dimension 332 mm
Material PP
Tare weight 84 kg
Loading capacity 1400 Kg
working temperature -20℃ to +50℃
Stack full 2 pcs
Stack empty 5 pcs
Feature with glass Measuring scale.
40"HQ 168 pcs


The Folding rate is a very important attribute of a foldable container. It decides how much space can be saved in a warehouse or truck when the container is folded. Space is closely related to cost. Horen’s IBC has the lowest folding rate on the current market. For a 2.6m standard trailer, it can take 208 pieces of the Horen IBC but only 130 pieces of other IBCs. For a 3m mega road train, it can take 270 pieces of the Horen IBC but only 180 pieces of other IBCs. This hugh improvement will lead to direct cost savings within the liquid industry supply chain . With reduced costs comes increased competitiveness.

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