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Square IBC T11 (1030L)

New Generation Bulk Liquid Packaging Solution.


Description & Specs

Volume Capacity  1030 L
Dimensions External (mm) 1100mm(L)x1100mm(W)x1169mm(H)
Internal Dimensions 1024mm(L)x1024mm(W)x985mm(H)
Unit Load 1400Kg
Material PP
Tare Weight 95
working temperature -20℃ to +50℃
Feet /Skids 9 Feet with 6 Skids
Folding Height 420mm
Stack Qty Full (warehouse) : 2 pcs
Stack Qty Empty (Folded) :  5 pcs
40HQ : 144
With the increasing need to consider environmental protection in our society, the demand for environmentally-friendly logistics packaging is also becoming more prevalent. Introducing the Plastic IBC T11, a new generation in foldable, returnable packaging to meet the needs of the liquid packaging market. The T11 not only reflects  superior design and craftsmanship, but also has been designed with the users in mind to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.


Symmetry and Drainage Lid Design

The symmetrical design makes it easy for the operator to open and close the lid from any direction. With the drainage groove on the surface of the lid, water drains off automatically, increasing washing and drying speed.
Optional Level Indicator
Liquid level calibration is optional depending on clients needs. The sight panel enables users to view product levels inside without opening the unit. actual production. It is used in combination with the liner bag to prevent pollution and oxidation, and ensure the purity and quality of the product.
Outstanding Performance
The high-strength plastic walls are connected by robust plastics hinges, making the unit lightweight with a high loading capacity. Rust protection and the reinforced base further increase impact resistance and loading capacity; The unit load is up to 1400Kg and static load is 7500KG. The square structure allows non-sequential stacking, increasing the working efficiency.
Load capacity : 1400kg
Static load: 7500kg
High Folding Rate
The folding rate is up to 2.9:1, and 6 units can be stacked non-sequentially , which not only allows the operator to quickly fold and handle the empty container, but also saves the return loading space and transportation cost.

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