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500L steel ibc tote

stainless steel ibc drum container food grade


Description & Specs

Capacity 500L
 Dimension(L*W*H): Customized
Material SUS304/316L
Tare Weight : 130KG
Certification CE  ISO
Applicable Industrial Food & Beverage Factory, pharmaceutical
Color Silvery Grey
Surface finish: Mirror Polished
Processing Types Water
Thickness 1.5-3.0mm
Internal Surface Treatment Pickling
40'HQ 40

Joinwell offers an innovative solution to the growing demand for liquid food in the industrial market. Folding IBCs------The most sustainable packaging

IBCs are used for liquids and particulates (i.e. powders, granulates, resins), products that later will undergo filling into smaller packaging or will be an ingredient or component in a production or manufacturing process.

Within such industries as food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household chemicals, packaging professionals devote themselves to the design and development of packaging, the receipt of packaging, the filling of packaging, and the shipping of packaged products. How the inputs to production come packaged──whether in IBCs or other industrial containers──might be regarded as the province of corporate purchasing agents or of someone at the production facility. Such thinking, however, undermines the opportunity for packaging professionals to contribute outside their traditional spheres of influence.

Rigid intermediate bulk containers

A popular type of IBC is a composite, consisting of a durable plastic (i.e. HDPE) container housed within a metal cage and mounted on a pallet. The result is a structure designed for handling by forklift or pallet jack. This type of IBC can be of one-time usage; however, the more favorable economics attach to the multiple-use variety, which can be collapsed for purposes of returns. Another popular type is the metal or galvanized container, Unquestionably durable, they are used for all types of liquids, even flammables.

IBCs, whether composite or stainless steel, dispense through ports, typically located at the base, and hoses or pipes that attach to the ports; thus, IBCs lend themselves to contents that flow, liquids, for sure, but also granulates.

For applications that fall under the purview of the FDA, the materials in direct contact with the contents must have that agency’s approval. And for applications involving hazardous materials, there must be compliance with the multiple agencies that promulgate haz-mat regulations. Then there are fire-codes, to which plastic-component IBCs are subject, owed to their combustibility.


  • Two quality/options of bags : irradiated and non irradiated
  • Package flattens when empty, reducing waste
  • Better pallet efficiency than buckets/ canisters. Saves space in the cold chain.
  • Increased shelf life compared to other packaging formats
  • Hygienic filling, transfer and dispensing
  • Lightweight package (before and after filling)
  • Cost effective
  • User-friendly

Markets-Our IBCs Are Suitable For A Wide Range Of Uses,

  • Food & Beverages
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemicals
  • Flavours & Fragrances
  • Hazardous &Non-Hazardous


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