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Steel Stainless IBC Container
(1000 Ltr)

1000L  Stainless Steel IBC Bin

Description & Specs

Capacity 1000L
Dimensions External (mm) H:1145 x L:1130 x W:1130
Tank body thickness 2.5 mm
Tare Weight : 150 KG
Material Of Tank Body SS304
Internal Surface Treatment: Pickling
 Discharge Valve Ball valve 2"
Surface finish: stainless and polishing
Function : Single Layer
Stack Qty Full (warehouse) : 3 (bottom 1+2)
Stack Qty Empty (Folded) : 5
40HQ : 20

Stainless Steel IBCs consist of a frame in which a cubical container is enclosed. They can be used for Transport and Storage of liquid and granulate substances (e.g. chemicals, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals). These IBCs have a volume range that is situated between 500L and 1200L (therefore "intermediate“). The IBCs give a particularly good utilisation of storage capacity.
Stainless steel can be cleaned easily and residue-free because with stainless steel there is no diffusing of product into the container wall. Therefore Stainless Steel IBCs can be used for application with frequent change of product and as aseptic food containers. Also these properties make recycling unproblematic.
Stainless steel IBCs are generally cubic in form and therefore can transport more material in the same area than cylindrically shaped containers and far more than might be shipped in the same space if packaged in consumer quantities.They also can be folded in some ways. Composite IBCs rely on plastic liners that can be filled and discharged with a variety of systems. The manufacturer/processor of a product can bulk package a product in one country and ship to many other countries at a reasonably low cost where it is subsequently packaged in final consumer form in accordance with the regulations of that country and in a form and language suitable for that country. IBCs may have pallet-like bases so that forklifts can move them. It is common for IBCs to be able to fold down into a compact profile, reducing their height for transportation and storage when empty. IBCs in almost all cases can be stacked vertically.

IBCs may ship and store---Bulk chemicals including hazardous materials or dangerous goods if the IBC is proven suitable ; Components ; Powder ; Some liquid food products, such as sugar ; Soaps and glues ; Some foods and other available products.

Stainless steel has unique properties and advanced chemical resistance. Elemental chromium within the metal forms a protective chromium oxide film across container surfaces due to the reaction between chromium and atmospheric oxygen during manufacture. Due to the chromium oxide film, stainless steel IBCs require no further surface protection from corrosion. If the surface is damaged, the chromium oxide film will repair itself if oxygen is present.

Stainless steel IBCs can have very long service lives, are highly portable and reusable, are easy to maneuver, fill, load, and discharge, and generally require very little maintenance aside from cleaning and inspection approvals. Successful stainless IBC lifespan can be more than 20 years, even when handling corrosive commodities, making these IBCs ideal long term, cost effective company assets. At service end, stainless IBCs are 100% recyclable, effectively limiting environmental waste and industry disposal costs.

Although stainless steel IBCs are more costly when comparing the initial cost as to galvanized IBCs containers, stainless steel IBCs are more popular today because they have an indefinite life, unless exposed to certain chemical erosions. Due to the properties of stainless steel, it is an ideal corrosion-resistant and stain-resistant material that will withstand long-term exposure to the environment.

Stainless steel IBCs are designed and built to last for years. IBC frame completes with stacking pads (for IBC stacking) and its support structure with two way fork truck transport. Stainless steel IBCs can be made in either round or square, depending to customer’s preference and the product’s characteristics.

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